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FAQs - Institutions

About Unlisted Shares

The shares which are not listed on the formal stock exchanges (BSE/NSE) are referred to as unlisted shares/ stocks. For instance, JIO has unlisted shares, OLA has it as well. Unlisted shares are riskier than listed shares as their liquidity is limited since it is not listed. They are less transparent but with more stable valuations. So, if you can pick an unlisted share that has all the potential to get listed and the company has growth potential, your returns can be amplified enormously from that share.

Unlisted shares shouldn’t be confused with Delisted shares. Both types of shares are completely different. While unlisted shares are those which are not listed on the stock exchanges yet, delisted shares are those which were once listed but dropped out from the listed shares category due to certain reasons. You can trade and invest in unlisted shares on OTC markets, but you cannot invest or trade any delisted shares. Delisted shares are not available on any platform whether it is formal stock exchanges or OTC.

Existing shareholders of the unlisted company can sell unlisted equity shares. These can include Employees, Ex-employees, CEO, Promoters, Private Equity investors, and more.

The company may or may not be involved. If the company is looking to raise funds and issue further paid-up capital, it can be involved, otherwise, the company is not involved. Although most of the unlisted shares we deal with are ROFR (Right of First refusal cleared) and are freely transferrable. In some instances, the companies/board does a basic KYC and deed of adherence. Unlistedkart informs the entire process before pre- trade for such transactions. Typically, these are block deals.

Yes. All shares being sold are in the DEMAT form and will credit to the DEMAT you hold currently and shared with Unlistedkart during the transaction.

Investing in pre-IPO helps the investor:

  • To participate in the growth of the company.
  • Get opportunities that otherwise would ONLY be available to big entities like
    PE Firms etc.
  • Get in at reasonable valuations.
  • Diversify their investment into a newer asset class.

Our past data suggests holding for 3 years to see meaningful returns. To get the ideal returns, one will have to be invested in the company from an early stage till it comes with IPO and keeps growing until it has reached its saturation point. This duration cannot be accurately predicted by almost anyone.

Depends on certain factors. As such, there are no restrictions on the sale of unlisted
shares. However, if the company comes up with an IPO and gets itself listed, then as per
SEBI rules, all unlisted shares have a lock-in period of 6 months from the date of listing.
This is 1 year prior to August 2021 if any company had filed for DRHP before then. Also,
once the company Issue date and Listing are published, typically within a few days of the
actual listing, corporate action restricts an investor from selling the stock.

Below are a few risks that are constantly seen in the unlisted market, but not an
extensive list. Talk to your financial advisor for the right advice, additionally reach out to
us if we could answer any of your queries regarding the unlisted shares.

Below are a few risks that are constantly seen in the unlisted market, but not an
extensive list. Talk to your financial advisor for the right advice, additionally reach out to
us if we could answer any of your queries regarding the unlisted shares.

About Unlistedkart

  • We are a SEBI registered Research Analyst
  • We are pioneers/thought leaders in the unlisted space
  • We are featured in many articles and media mentions
  • We have done 250+ CR transactions
  • We have tie-up with the top institutions, family offices, HNI, Ultra HNI’s

You can know all about us at the below link with various profiles, media mentions and our
latest initiatives. Alternately you can also reach us at hello@unlistedkart.com

Alternately scan the below QR code

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About Buy And Sell Process (With Unlistedkart)

  • No, our investment specialists will talk to you and help you get the right information
    about a company or stock. As investment decisions are pretty much personal and mostly
    depend on the unique requirements, knowledge, and risks associated with the clients,
    we offer neutral research reports. Later, the clients can take the financial advisor’s
    assistance to make a call on the right stock to invest in.

You can go about investing in shares that are suitable for your risk profile and portfolio
by contacting us and getting research reports and seeking external financial advice. With
Unlistedkart, you can reach out to our customer specialists at hello@unlistedkart.com or
alternately download our app and conveniently buy and sell unlisted shares.

Yes, we will help you with trading unlisted shares. Although we would request you to
make the investment decisions after seeking sufficient investment advice externally.

Unlistedkart does not hold your unlisted holdings with itself. All your stocks are kept in
your NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) or CDSL (Central Depository
Securities Limited) Demat account. Our platform will only present you with the
transactional information that you can find in your dashboard portfolio. All shares that
Unlistedkart deals with are already in DEMAT, and we do not have any physical shares.
Most of the shares we deal with are freely transferrable and ROFR (Right of the First
Refusal cleared/approved).

  • An active Indian DEMAT account
  • CML/CMR (Customer Master List/Customer Master Record) copy
  • PAN copy
  • Cancelled cheque

You can also submit these on our mobile application available in the play store and

  • We always welcome individuals/institutions that would like to democratize Unlisted
    Shares as an additional asset class to help their clients with opportunities to diversify
    investments. We empanel such partners through a simple empanelment process and have
    multiple ways of engaging our partners. If you would like to partner with us please drop
    us an email at hello@unlistedkart.com.

    Our partners are not required to reveal their client details and can procure the unlisted
    shares on their portfolio and further down-sell to their clients. Alternatively, if the clients
    prefer to directly work with Unlistedkart, we will continue to honor the advisor of the
    clients and engage them in all transactions related to their clients.

  • There is a lock-in period for 6 months once the company hits IPO. It is regulated by SEBI.

  • Usually, it takes around 4-6 hours for the shares to reflect in the DEMAT account when the
    orders are placed between Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM. We will share the proof of
    transfer once the shares are transferred, and typically shares show in the investor’s
    DEMAT Account (statement/Transactions history) within 24 hours.

  • We do not advise clients on the potential liquidity and suggest investors take external
    financial advisors’ inputs. Although if there is a demand from a different investor within
    our network, we help the clients liquidate shares by buying back depending on the
    demand of such shares.

  • Yes, we buy back shares depending on the current demand for such shares.

  • There is no minimum investment. We at Unlistedkart have created an opportunity for all
    types of buyers. Our vision is to democratize investing into growth-oriented startups at an
    early stage.

About Research Reports

  • It can be defined as a report that comprises all relevant (publicly and general) available
    data and information about a firm, fund, or stock in the market that is not listed yet or
    has the possibility of being on the list in the days to come. Such reports read about the
    following things:

    • Publicly available company information.
    • Financial and annual statements.
    • Directorship informs.
    • Custom analysis if any.
    • Other vital information to learn more about a firm and its stocks.

Yes, every research report you get from Unlistedkart is chargeable. The charge is
nominal and taken as a convenience fee to assist report generation. According to the
specific and unique needs of the clients, we also prepare customized reports. Get in
touch with us here and learn more.

Once you register for our app and complete the onboarding process, you will be able to
buy the research report online for a nominal charge. Our expert analysts will assist you
in getting to know our research reports as well as our tech platform that you can use to
raise any questions related to reports.

We, at Unlistedkart, strive to keep our website, tech, platform, and research reports up
to date with the best of our knowledge bettered by relevant sources and reports.
However, unfortunately, if you happen to come across any inaccuracy,
misrepresentation, or solicitation information in error, you should
contact hello@unlistedkart.com.

We refresh all the research reports available to us every quarter or as and when there is
a specific market situation that is more likely to influence the research information. Also,
we make sure to customize the reports according to the needs of our clients. And all our
reports are up-to-date and latest.

We will only be able to provide a tentative timeline of the listing of the company based on
the public information or company disclosure.

About Taxes Related To Unlisted Shares

  • Since unlisted shares are different from listed ones, the tax implications are different as

    • Short-term capital gain tax: Unlisted shares if sold within 24 months, then is
      applicable on the profits and thus taxed at the marginal tax rate.
    • Long-term capital gain tax: Unlisted shares if sold after 24 months, then will be
      applicable @20% and you get the benefit of indexation as well.


    However, the profits are calculated as per FMV until the shares get listed on any formal
    stock exchange. Once and if the unlisted shares you have purchased get listed on the stock
    exchange and then you sold your investment, the tax implication will be as listed equity
    shares only, that is long-term capital gain tax @10% on profits above Rs. 1 lakh without
    the benefit of indexation or as per the govt tax indications at that