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The mattress brand with the highest sales in India is Kurl-On Ltd.

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About Kurlon Enterprise Ltd

Introduction to Kurlon Enterprise Ltd

Kurlon was formed in 1962 under the name Karnataka Consumer Products Ltd. for the purpose of producing Rubberized Coir, Latex, Foam & Polyurethane Foam, Spring Mattress, Home Comfort Solutions such as Pillows, Cushions, Bed Linens, Designed Furniture, Furnishings, etc.

In 1995, the organization's name was changed to Kurl-On Ltd. Kurlon holds a 35%–40% market share in the mattress industry and is the country's second-largest producer of PU foams.

Kurl On Ltd. established Kurlon Enterprise Ltd. in 2011 as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The division of mattresses, foam, furniture and other comparable products was transferred to KEL on a slump sale basis on April 1st, 2014 in accordance with the business transfer agreement between Kurl-On Ltd and KEL.

As more people in India become aware of its advantages, including the benefits to health from obtaining better sleep and avoiding bodily aches, the demand for high-quality mattresses is rising.

The unorganized sector previously dominated the Indian mattress market, but as consumer awareness and disposable income increased, the organized sector saw growth that was roughly at a CAGR of 17% during the previous five years.

Business highlights

The business now owns the license for selling luxury mattresses in India from Spring Air, a US-based corporation.

There are 12 manufacturing facilities, 4 regional warehouses, and 70 branch locations for the business.

The company is aiming to increase turnover as a result of the aforementioned variables, which has a significant impact on the value of the Kurlon Share.

Kurlon's share price has increased as a result of the company's remarkable recent performance and progressive popularization.

Since purchasing Spring Air, the company has expanded into the premium market.

IPO Plans and Updates

It's expected that Kurlon Enterprise will launch an IPO soon.

Sheela Foam, the second-ranked participant in the field, debuted on the stock exchanges in December 2016. After being listed, its shares have practically doubled. Similar if not better results are expected for Kurlon Enterprises.

Kurlon Enterprise received a Rs 90 crore investment from Motilal Oswal Private Equity Investment Advisors (MOPE) in October 2015.


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Kurlon Enterprise Ltd share price in India

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₹ 10 Per Equity Share



SWOT Analysis of Kurlon Enterprises Ltd Share Price


Kurlon has a recognisable household brand name which gives them market leverage

Their quality speaks for itself and creates value for the brand

They have very strong promotional power in the market and do not miss opportunities to exploit it


Kurlon Enterprise Ltd has poorly motivated dealers

It has spent quite a lot on acquisitions and has too many co-sub brands


It can anchor the Kurlon name to improve branding and become more and more encompassing

It can improve upon its supply chain system


Duroflex poses as a close competitor to the brand

Brand loyalty towards other brands in the market could pose a threat

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