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The major German automotive lighting company, Hella, has an Indian division called Hella India Lighting. 

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About Hella India Lighting Ltd

Introduction to Hella India Lighting Ltd

As a supplier to top automakers, Hella is renowned for establishing international standards for quality and customer focus.

The company has carved out a position for itself in both domestic and foreign markets. HELLA joined JV JMA Industries after more than 50 years of operation in the Indian market.

HELLA India Lighting Ltd. was founded in 1959 and became an 81% subsidiary of HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA of Germany in 2005 after the JV JMA Industries was terminated

Projector lamps, LED lamps, auxiliary lamps, lubricants, spark plugs, and coolants are the main products that Hella India Lighting offers directly to OEMs and the aftermarket. OEM denotes that they supply directly to independent producers like Maruti Tata Motors, etc.

Aftermarket is the secondary market within the automotive industry that deals with the production, remanufacturing, distribution, retailing, and installation of all vehicle parts, chemicals, equipment, and accessories after the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has sold the car to the customer.

It was delisted in 2015 at a share price of 52.39 rupees. This is the exit price that the company offered, and the shareholders accepted it.

Business highlights

The company's income climbed from just 50 crores in 2011 to 196 crores in 2021, yet between 2015 and 2021, it decreased from 200 crores to 196 crores.

Since Hella India Lightning primarily offers products for the automotive industry, the downturn in that sector is the primary cause of the decline in sales.

Hella Holding International, Inc. and Hella India Automotive Private Limited each control 31% of the company. holds 69% of the shares.

Business Performance

Hella India began supplying LED Front Lighting Systems to 2W Electric Vehicles in FY21–22 by forming cooperation with 5 OEMSS.

Hella India purchased and successfully introduced LED marker lamps for global business to a very prospective global EV OEM in the USA with the aid of Hella Sales Company in the USA.

A full line of filters and lubricants for 2-wheelers and autos was enthusiastically introduced in the Aftermarket Business Division. Additional HELLA products include the Wave 95 Dia Horn, Aux Lamp Black Magic Series, and Commercial Vehicle Headlamp Upgrades.


As with every share, a certain level of risk does come with purchasing stock. Hence purchasing any stock, including that of Hella India Lighting Ltd can be risky if you are not familiar with the market. So, we urge investors to perform the due diligence.

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Hella India Lighting Ltd share price in India

Total Available Shares:


Face Value:

₹ 10 Per Equity Share



SWOT Analysis of Hella India Lighting Ltd Share Price.


Total Revenue from operations has increased as compared to that of previous years.

Return on capital employed has increased as compared to that of previous years.

Equity Multiplier has increased as compared to that of previous years.


Net profit after tax has decreased as compared to that of previous years.


Energy saving incentives could bring in higher returns and goodwill.

Expansion in and around India could increase their sales and services.


Competition from big names in the Indian market.

Flare-up of the Covid 19 waves could reduce purchase of products.

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